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Core Servies

Motion Graphic Design

Accessing complex content is a job made easier with our animation and motion graphics services. Motion graphics present complicated concepts in simple, visually entertaining ways, making them easier for audiences to absorb. Along with a roster of corporations, our animation services have also been employed by advertising agencies, as well as design and production studios.

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Video Production

Covering a wide spectrum of media production services—including video marketing, animated video production, and brand video development—Roundhouse works across a variety of verticals in St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, and across the country. Our award-winning team consistently delivers top-tier video production services that capitalize on new technology, market trends, and fresh, creative thinking.

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Branding Development

While we are purveyors of all things that move, we’re no strangers to static design, and frequently provide full suites of printed and digital support materials to complement the motion and video components we create. For select clients, we also offer brand management services to help them curate a complete brand voice over several channels, through many avenues of design.

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Additional Services

Social Media Video Marketing

Marketing is at its best when it's in motion. We create custom video marketing, as well as sales videos for marketing campaigns, conferences, and other general marketing efforts.

Brand Video

Every company has a uniquely important story to share with the world. Our brand videos craft these stories around strategic brand goals and present them with a beautifully cinematic edge.

Training & Learning Videos

Our training video production model captivates audiences in the spaces where they least expect it, delivering important content in a fun, engaging way.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate Video

Our training video production model captivates audiences in the spaces where they least expect it, delivering important content in a fun, engaging way.

Explainer Videos

What does your company do? How does your product benefit consumers? The quickest way to answer these questions is often with an explainer video. These explainer videos simplify and enliven dry or complex content, and concisely explain your product or service to your audience.

Corporate Video

From promotional videos and product demos, to training videos and trade show loops, organizations are using the medium of motion to deliver information to their audiences.

Medical \ Dental \ Healthcare Video

In order to deliver content in its most compelling form, while best illustrating complex medical ideas and processes, we incorporate a number of video techniques into our medical and healthcare videos, including 3D modeling and animation.

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