#Sup Cones

Sup Cones is a Hip Hop meets Ice Cream Art Exhibit at the Blue Lucy gallery in St Pete FL. You should come check it out as it will feature work from some of the craziest talent in the area. You should REALLY REALLY check out this promo I made for it.

Something about understanding

TDR, Glitch, Chiptune, IDM… I’m reading about these things in NYT and I’m seeing it on CNN. Years ago, no one knew what I was talking about and if they did they surely didnt care. It seems as things move forward these are becoming staples of popular culture. Not bitter or anything, just pissed. Andunny […]

Late V.I.P Mix

Worked on this mix for a few days. Never expected to actually do anything with the material. Just wanted something to hear. Ended up doing it for some school friends I havent seen in a very long time. Ultra VIP. Hope you enjoy. Clap – Jay Dee & Madlib Somtimes – Samiyam Raw Shit – […]

New Music on the Way

Check out a few of the artist on the first New Coast Mix Tape. Available March 28! Keep your ear to the ground Action Bronson & Riff Raff Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Danny Brown along with: Das Racist Lakutis Gita Odd Future lil B Soulja Boy Among other special guest appearances. Its gonna be a […]

59/fifty to the left, stay on my right state of mind

Close your eyes

Hitting 130 on I-275, kissing the first time in the dark, lighting fireworks from a cave into the rain… watching the fish scatter when you poke your finger in the river We worship the old Gods, you’ve probably never heard of them


Mad Decent is looking out for you this year. Pre-Christmas mix from Run DMT. Pioneering a dubstep sound that blends classic melodies and familiar stabs with dangerous bass notes. They also do that dub&bass&hip-hop thing damn right. These guys have been f-ing up the whole set for a minute now Check out the latest mix […]

iStill Psycho

You must understand that I do this for the lul’z. The day I got too old… I’m so nuts you can suck my fresh btw… 2.5 hours later Been out on the prowl for a minute. Look for werks by myself and some friends through out Tampa bay. New Mix is here, keep your ears […]

Alien Gonzalez

Go to this website. Its called nehru jackets. Made by Himanshu, you know, das racist.. greedhead music… Anywho Listen to the song on that page. Feel me dude?

Bibendum Flow

Fresh to death unlike the rest. Picked up a few antiques this week including my long awaited Bibendum gear. Including this poster and some other gems. What is graphic desing? Does it matter? What is lasting design and how does it keep its appeal. These are the questions we ask ourselves here. Bibe answers them […]